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“五彩华夏 魅力中国”

Colorful Huaxia, Charming China

Zhejiang Sci-Tech University will be organizing the 2021 “Chinese Bridge” online group exchange with the theme “Colorful Huaxia, Charming China”. Five main categories include clothing, food, housing, transportation and use, which are split into nine different topics, A Taste of China, China Fashion, Poetry China, Art China, China Audio-Visual Art, Healthy China, Leisure China, Wisdom China and Innovations in China. These are based on the foundations of traditional Chinese culture and focused on the progressive innovation of modern China. Connecting tradition and modernity, having an insight to history and future, we aim to display a vibrant, inclusive, hardworking, admirable and respectable image of China to foreign Chinese learners.

The current online event(cultural features) will be held over two weeks, from 10th January to 25th January 2022. Courses are conducted through recorded video and live streaming and will be divided into 5 and 18 course hours respectively. Online classes and activities will be held real time via Chinese Plus platform.

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December 30, 2021 -- January 8, 2022

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